Thursday, September 1, 2011

Time to be frugal

I don't know about you, but the rising food prices is beginning to affect my credit card balance in a negative way. Buying everyday items is having me in price shock! It seems almost everything has a higher price tag. I can easily say, "I remember when ____ was this much, it is how much now?"

We live 2 hours away from the nearest Costco, so when I go, it is a big deal and we buy a lot. I even have  a list that made up of everything that I buy from Costco. I have placed the list in 3 columns and it is on two pages. I have even started putting the prices next to the item.  I often go alone and have a method for shopping there. I go in twice! I first go in and buy all non perishables. You know, toilet paper, paper towels, dog food, canned items. I go out to the car and just throw it in the car and yes I have to be creative. Sometimes things have to go under the seats!  Next, I go in and buy anything I missed + all the perishable items. I take everything out to my 3 coolers and just hope everything fits. Normally there is something I have to leave out and of course I have to take most things out of the big packaging to make it fit in the cooler. I'm really tired by the time I leave Costco and my car is overly stuffed! Oh and I leave with a $800 bill! Good Lord.

I am going to start documenting everything on my blog that I make from scratch, with recipes as I make them. And you know, homemade food is just so much better for you then an ingredient list full of words you can't pronounce.

Here are  a few of my favorite frugal sites. You can make just about everything yourself instead of buying.

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