Monday, September 19, 2011


"Dream big and reach for the stars!"

Written for the "Foremother poet" series on the Women's Poetry listserv: all poems here are by Winifred Welles.

My shoes fall on the house-top that is so far beneath me.
I have hung my hat forever on the sharp church spire,
Now what shall seem the hill but a moment of surmounting,
The height but a place to dream of something higher!
Wings? Oh not for me, I need no other pinions
Than the beating of my heart within my breast;
Wings are for the dreamer with a bird-like longing,
Whose dreams come home at eventide to nest.
The timid folk beseech me, the wise ones warn me,
They say that I shall never grow to stand so high;
But I climb among the hills of cloud and follow vanished lightning,
I shall stand knee-deep in thunder with my head against the sky.
Tiptoe, at last, upon a pinnacle of sunset,
I shall greet the death-like evening with laughter from afar,
Nor tremble in the darkness nor shun the windy midnight,
For by evening I shall be a star.

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  1. When I was a teen (I'm now 57) I used to recite this poem silently prior to every time I played the piano, organ or sang on stage. It gave me such courage. Thanks for publishing it again, here. Cindy, now in North Carolina