Monday, February 28, 2011

1st run in the Redwoods

Gas $3.89 a gallon
Mileage to get to the forest 5.5
Scheduled run for the day: Just 2 miles
Total run time: 33.05!
Likelihood of bears in the forest: Huge!!
But being up in the Redwood Forest away from all city dogs and witnessing peer beauty....absolutely priceless!!!

25 Q's and A's about me.(New Q's)

1.Most hated chore on the household chore list?

2. In life who has had the most influence on you?
Myself. I’m influenced by myself.

3. What do you consider your greatest achievement?
Running 50 miles.

4. What is the one thing for which you would most like to be

remembered for after your death?
A great runner

5. If Heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the Pearly Gates?
You’re in!

6. Do you have any phobias?
Spiders, mosquito eaters, well all flying bugs, driving on ice/snow, tad claustrophobic

7. Name 1 thing you miss about being a kid.
Swimming every day at the Elks Pool, family vacations to Sunriver (even though we still go every year.)

8. What extremely difficult life situation have you overcome and how did you do it?
Anger and depression. I took one day at time. Constant prayers, learned to forgive and learned to let go. It makes me sad to know people in my life who won’t forgive even after decades.

9. What is the most embarrassing thing ever to happen to you?
Constant leakage during the breastfeeding days.

10.Which is the most funniest prank played on you or played by you?
Put the cat in the mailbox for the mailman.

11. What is the craziest thing you have ever done?
Tried smoking cigarettes and drove drunk.

12. List 1 thing you wish you could change about yourself:
Less negative thoughts and more loving

13. Who would you turn to if you were in desperate need of help?

14. If you could change the world what would you do?
I’d have a stupid people pit.

15. Which would you rather have, $50,000 or true love?
True Love

16. What do you value most in life?
Family and friends.

17.If you were one of two people left on this earth, and the other was of the same sex;
would you go gay?

18. Do you believe everything happens for a reason?
Yes. But, I believe we all responsible for what happens to us.

19.What do you consider the most important event of your life so far?
Decision to run a marathon in 2005. Changed my life.

20.What would be your dream job?
Work for the CIA or FBI

21. If you could have 3 wishes granted, what would they be?
1. Gas prices to go under $1.00 a gallon
2. All strip joints to close down
3. Everyone sentenced to death row, died within 2 months of sentencing.
(Sorry I’m just saying…no hate emails to me, please.)

22. If you could add a single option to your car, what would you add?
Ability to drive in the snow or ice and never, ever slip or slide.

24.What goal do you most want to accomplish in your lifetime?
Western States 100 miles

25. If you could go on a road trip with any person (dead or alive), who would you choose and where would you go?

Charlie Engle….Sahara Desert for a run

Sunday, February 27, 2011


Last night I had dreamed that I was running in a forest. 
In this forest, there were angels everywhere. 
God was putting them in my path to protect me.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Letter I just submitted to the editor of my towns newspaper.

After my dog got attacked by another dog , I wrote this letter to the Editor of the local newspaper. I am really sick of the constant loose dogs in my city.

The letter:

My family and I moved to here about a month ago.

As a runner, I have been encountered by more dogs in this county that are not fenced. My dog and I have been chased or followed by at least 1-2 dogs per day. The majority are friendly. Unfortunately, sometimes these dogs will follow us for a good ½ mile away from their homes. Despite my repeated attempts to get them to go away, they don’t. I have to carry mace to protect me from these loose dogs. My dog has even gotten attacked by a dog, who first almost got hit by a car in a 50 mile zone.

I do not understand how dog owners can be so irresponsible when it comes to their dogs. Aren’t dogs supposed to be confined to their yards when the owner is not with them, not walking around the city like people?

I’d like to say to the people of this town “please keep your dogs safe by confining them.”

Jeannie's pick for song of the week

I work down at the Pizza Pit
And I drive an old Hyundai
I still live with my mom and dad
I'm 5 foot 3 and overweight
I'm a scifi fanatic
A mild asthmatic
And I've never been to second base
But there's whole ‘nother me
That you need to see
Go checkout MySpace

'Cause online I'm out in Hollywood
I'm 6 foot 5 and I look damn good
I drive a Maserati
I'm a black-belt in karate
And I love a good glass of wine
It turns girls on that I’m mysterious
I tell them I don't want nothing serious
'Cause even on a slow day
I could have a three way
Chat with two women at one time
I’m so much cooler online
So much cooler online

When I get home I kiss my mom
And she fixes me a snack
And I head down to my basement bedroom
And fire up my Mac
In real life the only time I’ve ever even been to L.A
Is when I got the chance with the marching band
To play tuba in the Rose Parade

Online I live in Malibu
I pose for Calvin Klein, I've been in GQ
I'm single and I'm rich
And I've got a set of six pack abs that would blow your mind
It turns girls on that I’m mysterious
I tell them I don't want nothing serious
'Cause even on a slow day
I could have a three way
Chat with two women at one time
I’m so much cooler online
So much cooler online

When you got my kind of stats
It’s hard to get a date
Let alone a real girlfriend
But I grow another foot and I lose a bunch of weight
Every time I login

I’m out in Hollywood
I’m 6 foot 5 and I look damn good
Even on a slow day
I could have a three way
Chat with two women at one time
I’m so much cooler online
Yeah, I’m cooler online
I’m so much cooler online
Yeah, I’m cooler online

Yeah, I’m cooler online

Yeah, I’ll see ya online

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Pre-teen drama

My older daughter has become very good friends with this boy named Seth. I've met him and he seems to be very "into" my daughter. I've caught them giggling on several occasions and he has even gone as far as asking me for my phone #. (To call Naomi of course).

Well lately, she has become concerned about her friendship. She has told me that he is gross and that if she keeps up the friendship, than other people will not like her and that others are already starting to not like her. I told her that if she likes him, than she should stay friends with him and not worry about what other people think. I told her having friends that make you laugh should be cherished. I then asked her to list the friends that she has that don't care that she is friends with Seth. She started naming kids and listed 16! Wow. That sure sounds like everyone is starting to not like her! I also told her the story of what happened to me when I was in Jr. High. There was this very popular girl that I had in a class. Her name was Tara. I would often sit in the class and was quiet. I remember hearing her say loudly that she likes people who are quiet and know how to keep their mouth shut. Well after that I started to sit by her and we really didn't have anything in common or anything to talk about.  I also remember one incident where she became visibly upset when I was nice to someone who was not popular. I realized she was clearly someone I really didn't want to be friends with, so, I moved away from her.

As far as my younger daughter goes, she told me that her friend told her that the pizza she brought from home looked gross and so she never ate it at lunch. She knew it wasn't gross as it was leftovers from our dinner last night. She also said that today was the worst day ever! She almost ate celery and added "blah!"

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Running with dogs

I took my dog out for a run for the first time in my new town. I was a little nervous about encountering Lucky, the husky or the 3 legged dog. I decided that it would probably be best if I avoided the street that the two live on. So we went a different way. Unfortunately we encountered a different dog. It was big and it looked like a wolf. Of course it came over. So I stopped and let it smell my dog and I pet it, it was friendly. I told it to go home, but it didn't. So I said "well come on than!" So it followed us down the road and when we were crossing the street, I yelled at it to go home and it didn't. It followed me a ways more, when I really yelled at it and ran at it a little. The dog was a good 1/2 mile away from its home. It left, but only jumped into someone else's yard.

I think I might become known as the running dog lady. I can see it now; I'll have a large group of dogs following us down the street on my daily run. That will be a funny sight!

I also took Boogie to the Veterinarian for his check up and Rabies vaccination. The doctor gave him a clean bill of health. But he did agree with me that Boogie was a little overweight. I was anxious to get him on the scale to see how overweight he was and it ended up being 6.5 pounds since his last visit. Notice I didn't blame my mother? I'm thinking it! She gave him cheese filled dog treats and canned gravy dog food. When she knew I was irritated by her choice of treats, she gave him more. She is the only one that thinks he was chubby before, she’s in complete denial. Its okay, he is now training with me. His doctor thinks it is wonderful for him to run with me and I even mentioned what kind of runner that I am and that he has ran 24 miles before. He knows that my type of dog has high energy and needs a lot of exercise.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Moving forward....running plans for the new year.

If you haven't heard my drama from the past weekend, here it is. I drove to Portland to run in my 8th 50K at Hagg Lake in Forest Grove, OR. The Hagg Lake run is extremely muddy with poor footing, some hills. It is a tough run. It would have been my 3rd time running the mud run. I knew driving up that the forecast was really dicey, with a scheduled low in Forest Grove of 27 degrees and a chance of snow showers.

The morning of the race, I woke up at 4:45 AM, excited about the run. I got dressed and headed out the door. I first noticed that the roads in Milwaukie, where I was staying were a little bit icy, but not bad at all. My car window however had to be scraped.

I drove about a mile and my car slipped a little bit. This got my heart racing and I was completely nervous from then on. I might mention here how much I am completely terrified of driving on ice. I have major panic attacks. So from then on, I couldn't even eat my breakfast.

Driving on Hwy 26, I noticed two horrible wrecks and I knew the ice was to blame. Luckily I found a car going 40, so I stayed behind them. When I got off the freeway and into Hillsboro which goes to Forest Grove, which is where the real trouble began. The "black ice" turned into an icy road that was very visible. So as I was shaking, I turned into a parking lot and called my husband at 6:45 AM, woke up and said "Brett, I am so scared, there is ice everywhere......" he told me that I probably shouldn't go any further because I'd likely make a mistake. I knew he was right and I turned my rear wheel drive only car around. I gave up the race.

I saw a car flipped over on its side on the way home, but was still upset about having to give up the race. I did later, once the sun was out and roads were no in a horrible condition, drove to Hagg Lake and watched runners finish for about 2 hours. It was heart warming to watch friends finish. 

To redeem myself, I am running 3 big races in 2.5 months. The first two are in preparation for my main goal, the Mt. Hood 50. I will be running the McDonald Forest 50K on 5/14. Next will be the Sunriver Marathon on 6/25 and the final is the Mt. Hood 50 on 7/30.

The McDonald Forest run will provide the hill training; there is an elevation gain of 6,700 feet. For further information, go to

The Sunriver Marathon will provide the elevation training as Sunriver has an elevation of around 4200 feet. It will also be warm.

The 3rd is the Mt. Hood 50. Taken from the website,

"The heavily shaded course is an out and back almost entirely on the Pacific Crest Trail.  The trail is generally soft with good footing, although there are some technical sections with rocks and roots. Runners will start by running North from the Clackamas Ranger Station to the Frog Lake Aid Station. They will then return to the start/finish and head South to the Warm Springs Meadows Aid Station, where they will turn around and head back to the finish.Total elevation gain is approximately 5,630 feet."
Running these 3 races will also qualify me for the Marathon Maniacs, finally. To qualify, the lowest entry is to run 3 marathons in 3 months. I’ll be doing 2 ultra’s and 1 marathon in 2.5 months.
I will be training with my dog. He can run 24 miles and since he was away from me for a month, he has gained a few pounds living with Grandma and needs the exercise. He will also help me gain confidence in the new forest in my new hometown.
I have also decided that I will not be signing up for anymore winter runs in Portland. I live 6.5 hours away now and the weather is too unpredictable.