Monday, February 1, 2010

Why is it that we waste so much time each day, failing to really stop and think about our families, love them and spend quality time with them? Why has the telephone, computer, email, facebook become distractions to loving interactions? Why can't our children just go ahead and be bored? Why do they need to play the Wii, the nintendo ds, xbox, why do they need a tv, computer, phone in their rooms, why do we need to have a tv in our cars? What ever happened to board games, coloring, playing tag, building forts? What happened to real hugs? Why do we push each other away? Why can't we pick up that phone and call our loved ones that we haven't spoken to in awhile. What happened to forgiveness? What happened to real relationships?

This is a picture of my dad. On September 10th 2009, my dad had a stroke. I remember getting the phone call from my sister. It was the one phone call that I knew I never wanted to get. He had to have an emergency brain surgery to remove a blood clot. I was devastated, we didn't know if he was going to live or die that day. It was one of the worst days and weeks of my life. It took months for him to improve and he has. I only have hope that this will never happen again. This is my prayer. I love my father very much and no I am afraid that I don't spend enough time with him. But, I got a second chance.

Do you know what also happened on 9-10-09, that I have never restored?I lost my best friend. My husband and I were so close. I loved him with my whole heart and soul. The day I almost lost my dad is the day that I did lose my best friend. It isn't my dad's fault, of course not. It is mine. My heart was broken on that day and I let my other relationship, with my husband slip away. Our relationship has never been restored and I yes I want it back. But in a world filled with so many distractions to take away my attention, will this ever happen?

I love my dad and I love my family.

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