Thursday, February 11, 2010

Life is precious

Two babies are born at the same hospital, the same hospital floor, the same day, the same hour. One baby will live a long, fulfilling life and the other will spend 6 years battling cancer, chemotherapy, tests until one day it dies in the same hospital with its loving parents weeping.

The parents of the healthy child argue with each other on the way to see her in the 1st grade play, forgetting about their child in the back seat of the car, whom has her hands over her ears, just wishing they would stop. The parents of the child that just passed away, cry and hold each other just wishing and hoping that they could just have 5 more minutes with her.

Why is life so uncertain? How can one person live a very healthy and fulfilling life and another of the same age battle health issues?

Why did my dad who is in his early 70's have a stroke and have to have a blood clot removed, while my running acquaintance Ralph who is also in his early 70's be running 100 mile ultra marathons regularly or my husbands Grandfather who suffers from heart issues and Gout?

A few months before I found out I was pregnant with Naomi I was in a bible study. One of the Christian women that I very much admired, Doreen, often talked about little baby Hailey, 9 months old, who was in the hospital at Doernbecher's battling cancer. Doreen was friends with the parents and visited them often to give them love and support. She would often come to the bible study and talk about how Hailey was doing. She mentioned that the parents were not Christians and questioned God's existence. Doreen would often minister to them and they listened and would ask questions. Finally one day Doreen told us that she went and visited Hailey and the parents one night and asked them if they were ready to accept Jesus into their hearts and they responded "no". The day after, baby Hailey had passed away and she said this with tears in her eyes. I held onto a photo of Hailey for many months after, remembering how precious life is. When I was finally ready to let go of the photo of Hailey was the day that I found out I was pregnant. I still remember what Hailey looked liked and I wonder now how her parents are doing and I thank God often for my healthy children.

I think of an old playmate of mine who isn't much older than I. She has severe epilepsy and while I have not seen her in years, I know that she is being taken care of at a home. I am healthy and my dear old friend is not.

I think about the Christian woman who died recently at Mt. Hood. I remember something that was said in an interview with one of the family members. The woman had often joked about how she loved the mountain so much, that she wanted to be buried up there. I used to joke and say the same thing about Wildwood and when I heard that, it wasn't so funny.

We are all given a precious life and we really don't have that much time. Children grow up so fast, we are all getting older. I think it is up to us to live it with love in our hearts, with joy, peace, forgiveness, happiness and be happy for the things you have and friendships. Because we really don't know what the future holds.

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  1. That was a very nice thoughtful post. I agree that life is what you make it and you get out of it what you put into it.