Friday, February 12, 2010

Memories. Photos from Childhood

1.The first is at the beach. I was actually very afraid of the ocean.

2. Dracula teeth. That was a really ugly couch. I think that was the couch that my parents later discovered a dad mouse under the cushion, squished to death. "Oh there is the smell" kind of moments.

3. I have no idea where this was at. I the photo is sister, self (curly hair) brother and dad. Like the matching outfits?

4. Trip somewhere. You know my sister still has that dress at her house? I think she made her daughter where it.

5. Baby Jeannie. I am cute.

6. Okay I know where this one was at. Disney World! As a child, I went everywhere. I had a horrible sunburn as my mother didn't put suntan lotion on. Ended up puking in the garbage.

7. Big bruise on my face. The story is that my brother was practicing swinging a bat in the garage and I came running in. Nice one! I'm sure my parents were accused of child abuse, but not true. I remember when it happened, lost my hearing for awhile and everything was really white.

Okay now left to right~
8. Preschool picture. Halloween/dress up day. I'm in the red.
9. At a parade, sitting on daddy's lap.
10. At my Aunt and Uncles home on their balcony. I loved going there. They had this dollhouse that had a fake Tarantula, but I always thought it was real.
11. Me and my dog Sam. My shirt said "You toucha this shirt, I breaka your face" Amazing that I remember that.
12. Do you see the swimsuit my mom made me wear? I at least look happy.
13. Preschool pic with good friend Nicole in the photo.

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