Sunday, February 28, 2010

Happy Birthday Naomi

Today is my daughter, Naomi's 9th birthday. She was born the same minute as a 7.4 earthquake that we had many years ago. My legs were still up in the stirups when the earth shook. I tell her that she made the earth shake when she came out. She is are little earthquake baby.
Her uncle Steve said when she was born that she was one of the cutest babies that he had ever seen.
She is absolutely beautiful and very passionate about life. I love and adore Naomi.
She has played soccer, now plays basketball, soon will play softball, but her big skill is running and she is so fast. We'll keep her in the other sports for now.
She is a great reader, likes school, likes the medical field.
She loves her sisters, sometimes has a funny way of showing it.
Happy 9th Birthday today Naomi.

The picture was taken at Forest Park.

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