Thursday, February 18, 2010

Oregon Air Show

One of the biggest benefits of living in Hillsboro, is the Oregon Air Show. My oldest daughter, Naomi especially loves it, has so since she was 2. Our current house is about 4 miles from the airport and our backyard backs to a high school practice field. Every year, her eyes are glued to the sky watching the plains. She yells at them and jumps up and down. She loves it. She'll say "There coming" or "There here" or "Did you see that?" How can you not? They are awesome. The Thunderbird's fly above our house and make it shake and rattle. We often go over to Costco, which is next to the airport and sit in the grass and watch them fly right over our heads. This year, Naomi and my husband went to the show and it was a huge treat for Naomi, she loved every minute.
Luckily the new house we are looking at is still in Hillsboro and about 1 mile away from the air show and is about 30 seconds walking distance from a middle school and even closer to Costco. Guess what we'll be doing every year when the planes come out?

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