Sunday, March 20, 2011

Redwood Wild River Run 3-19-11

I always had a feeling that the smaller runs, meaning anything under a marathon were going to be the death of me.

I signed up for the Redwood Wild River Run 15K (9.32 mi) and ran it yesterday. I think I did more out of wanting to be social considering that I am the new runner girl in town.

When I got there I did meet a few people and gave Ultra Marathon runner Ralph Hirt a big hug. The guy is amazing,  he's 73 and still runs 100's. I also met a few other locals and met up with a facebook friend of mine that lives in Medford, John Lotts.

While John got in the front, I went towards the middle of the big line.

The race was being held in the Redwoods on a large trail that is always used by cars.

The race got started and I was doing really good, especially up the hills. I noticed that there were a lot of little kids running the race, even the 15K. It was very impressive. Well, it wasn't until mile 8 that my wonderful speed and running came to a halt. I now know that I pulled my hamstring, again. So at mile 8, I started walking back to the finish line, 10 or so runners past me up. But I held my head high, especially when people gave me the "pitty" look and said "good job, keep it up!" I did manage to run in, the last .25 mi.

I finished at 1:32, with an overall speed of 9.52. Not bad.

I do however think that I am going to be avoiding any distance under a marathon for quite awhile.

Oh and I totally missed a spot on my back with the Body Glide. Ouch. I screamed in the shower.

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