Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Poor Kitties!

Our cats are annoying. They are cute, sometimes snuggly, but annoying. We recently have been kicking them out during the day and have them in at night. If we don't, they will meow all night and right by the windows. They didn't behave this way when we were in Oregon.

Well our one cat, Honey is a challenge to get in at times. She'd rather dart in when your not looking instead of getting her feet wiped clean and dry and sometimes her whole entire body. Hey cat my house, my rules.

Our other cat, Tigger....well he is a different story, begs to come in. He's peaking in at us from the outside porch swing. Sorry kitty, you have to wait till 7PM!
 No worries, he still is fed and has water placed outside for him and the other one.

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