Thursday, March 10, 2011

Life, running and the pursuit of normalcy again

This morning I woke up to this kind of weather. I needed to run 6 miles and since the dog didn't even want to go outside, I decided to run a flat 6 on the road that runs alongside the beach. I thought I'd take a break from the hilly woods. I was even able to use my IPOD, but still brought my pepper spray in case any dogs decided to chase me. I parked my girls off at school and parked my car in the schools parking lot. As I made my turn towards the beach, it was really windy, so I tightened my hat and continued on. It was a really nice run and very uneventful run.

Last night, the kids went to dinner and had kid’s night at the church, so my husband and I decided to go for dinner at one of the cozy Mexican restaurants in town. The first place that we tried, my initial impression was that it was cold in there. Then, I saw the girl that was supposed to take our order. I thought, "What is that on her neck?" It was a huge hickey!!! After about 30 seconds, my husband looks at me and says "I think we should go to the Pizza King." and he apparently winked at me but I didn't notice and I said "I don't want pizza" But I caught on and apologized to the hickey lady and mentioned that we would be going some place else. In the car, Brett told me whenever he says something like that, which he has never by the way, that it's a clue that he wants to leave. He even mentioned that he didn't like that the only other patrons were a group of drunken Indians. (Don't send me hate emails, he said it and he is an Indian himself.)

The second Mexican restaurant that we went to was warmer, friendlier and had more people dining. We both ordered the same thing. We ordered 1 enchilada that came with chips, rice and beans. It was really good. But I might proudly mention that I can make way better enchilada's than those. It was nice getting out with Brett last night and afterwords we went and stared at the ocean for a few minutes.

Today, since it is a gloomy day and I don't have anywhere to be, I am going to start getting back into normalcy and open up my new book. The year of the Intern by Robin Cook. I have read several of his books, but the library where we used to live never had his first book, so I just purchased it for .80 cents off of Amazon.

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