Monday, December 5, 2011

My best running story

In 2009, I made the decision to run the Forest Park 50K for the 2nd time. The first year, jokers moved the flags, so almost everyone was getting lost. The 2nd year for training, I went out with my map every weekend; I was not going to get lost again. The start of the course is a hilly trail with lots of rocks. I was strong, ready, well trained. I was really cramping up the last 3 or so miles, this was before I discovered Salt stick caps. I was on the downhill the last mile, on the rocks of Lower Macleay, I got distracted by a little boy, cramped up, my bad knee went out and I bit it on the rocks! My knee injury is an old volleyball injury from when I was a teenager, my knee pops out of joint. I started yelling, "Help me, help me" A man ran over, pulled me up. I reached for the fence, had blood running down my leg, and started limping towards the finish. My limping turned to walking, then jogging, then running, then sprinting! I yelled out to the crowd, “This is my playground!!!” (A joke with my family.) I finished strong, but then almost threw up at the finish! Nice! I came in at 6:00:12. What a great day. 

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