Saturday, December 31, 2011

Goals for 2012

"We all have dreams, visions and secret goals we keep hidden out of fear of failure...or the belief that they are out-of-reach or impossible to achieve. Never give up on your dreams! Life is a series of challenges, not difficulties. Hard times are our best resources, and there are no failures; only lessons."
I firmly believe that a lot of great things are going to happen for me in 2012. I have a vision for this year and it's bright and successful.

I'm setting my goals high and I intend to achieve them. My biggest goal for the year is to complete my first 100 miler in the fall of 2012.

In addition, I have a goal of adding more races for the year. They include:

A group run, 50K 1/21 in Southern Oregon
My first 100K Pacific Rim 3/2012 in Washington
Peterson Ridge Rumble 40 miles 4/15, Sisters, OR
The Siskyou Out Back, 50K 7/14
A 2nd time at the Mt. Hood 50, 7/28
Then finally my first 100. I was considering running Rio Del Lago, but I may be leaning towards running Javelina Jundred for my first. 10/27-28

I would also like to start swimming in again, as cross training.  Swimming was helpful with elevation training, so it would be a good idea to start that up again + I really did enjoy it.

I've been reading the book Racing Weight by Matt Fitzgerald, so I would like to get down to whatever that number is. It will probably be a good idea to eat more fruits and vegetables and cut out a lot of sugar.

I would also like to purse my dream of becoming a running coach. I believe I would be good at it and helping other runners gives me great joy.

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