Thursday, June 30, 2011

Sunriver Marathon and fun

The Surniver marathon went very well.
I didn't sleep very well that night thanks to my irritating tickle cough, kept me awake for a long time.
I of course woke up before my alarm, jumping out of bed.
When I went outside at 6:30 AM, it was seriously 26 degrees outside. I haven't felt air that cold since we moved out of Oregon.
I ran 3 miles prior to the marathon start, my warm up. I didn't like that we had to walk a 1/2 mile to get to the marathon start. But once it got under way, it was fine. I stayed to the side knowing this was just a training run for myself and I was not going to breaking any records.
Even though there was an aid station every mile with a honey bucket, I brought my handheld water bottle and filled up when I needed it, about every 5 miles at first, then every 4. I did stop at the honey bucket twice throughout my whole run.
It was a nice run, very well organized. It was neat to hear the announcer call out my name at the 1/2 and at the finish.
I saw a total of 4 deer throughout the run. The elevation was not a factor.
So my time for the marathon was 4:48 and total with the extra 5 miles that I ran was 5:48, neat how that worked out. My age place was 4/11, overall was 120/171, sex place was 51/84.
My 2 youngest daughters did the kid triathlon and had a lot of fun. My youngest had this horrible earache and refused to see the doctor until after the event. She is a mini me, will do the event even though she feels absolutely horrible. Gee, I've done that several times. Hmmmm.

My oldest daughter, sister, niece and nephew all participated in the 5K run and did well. My nephew came in at 24 min, sister 35, niece 37 and daughter, who ran, well she walked it her first 5K came in at 50 min.
And then, there was this guy. He was so proud of his fur coat, he not only passed it around the night before at a concert, he wore it at the 5K.
But exercising isn't the only thing we did in Sunriver. There was one evening when there was a storm and the thunder and lightning was so close. My crazy family decided to sit out on the deck, in the rain watching the storm. When I came outside, my brother said I needed to wear the "special" hat, a metal bowl. Uh, don't think so, so then they just passed it around. They were outside laughing hysterically at the lightning for a good 45 minutes. Crazies!!!
Here more photos and videos of our talent show; 


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