Saturday, July 2, 2011

24 mile run for 7/2. Do I have to talk about it?

Do I need to say more about now my run went today? Yes, they hurt. I started feeling the pain at mile 12. I has to put my sandwich bags over them for protection. And  yes, I screamed in the shower.

Have  you ever heard the expression "training is harder than the actual race?" Well I can swear that it's true.

I swear that I hit the wall during today's run 3 times. I've never have before, but I swear it happened 3 times.

Okay, okay. Ran from my house to the forest via my favorite hilly trail. Ran my the whole distance of my favorite trail, getting me to mile 10. The elevation goes from 200 to 800. I then ran a less hilly route to mile 15. From mile 10 to mile 15, I was struggling, not hallucinating just yet, but wasn't having any fun. I then saw a side trail and I knew it was hilly, so I ran up it, but only for a mile. During that mile the elevation goes from 100 to 600. If I had gone the whole distance, it would have gone up to 2000 by the time I reached 5 miles. I'll save it for next week, right? Turned around and started running back.. Funny thing, I'd be running and noticed that my pace was 15! I'd walk and noticed that it was 14! I was walking faster than I was running!! Totally ridiculous!!!The rest of the way wasn't much fun. And I have no idea what happened with my new watch. It started acting crazy for awhile....or maybe I was hallucinating.  It said I was going a 7 min pace and the distance was going accordingly. When I got home, it said that I ran 26.09 and I don't think so.

1 week after running a 50K and running 30 miles throughout the week, I ran 24 miles in a extremely slow speed of 6:25 min.

I'm tired.

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