Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Gift of running

"When I think I can't do it any more I reach out to "GOD" and ask Him to help me take another step or to help me to just keep moving."
Richard Szymanski  

I like the girl that looks back at me in the mirror. She is full of hope and pride. She has scars on her belly that show the joy of child birth. Her smiles shows warmth. Her eyes show compassion. Her legs show strength. Her mind shows knowledge and experience. Her experiences can be summed up with one word:  

I still can remember the pain that I felt when I ran my first marathon. The picture to the right shows my veins popping out of my neck. I love this picture, it is my favorite. It shows strength, the strength that says I didn't give up. Strength that says I conquered.

Finishing line at first marathon, 2005
Now while, running a marathon has become easier for me, it's not easy. I will never forget all the hard work that I have endured over the years with my training.Lots of hours, no excuses even when I didn't want to or didn't feel good or the weather was unfavorable.

Before I ran my first 50. I prayed at church with a member of the church. I had her pray for success and strength and I was successful. Running that 50 hurt, bad.  I had a do or die attitude. I was going to finish that race. I am always motivated by myself.

So, in 59 days I will run my 2nd 50 mile run. I am calm now, but at times I get butterflies when I think about it. A favorite prayer that I say repeatedly during races is "I can do all things through Christ that strengthens me!" It gets me through my races. I usually wear a cross necklaces during my runs. God is definitely invited to go with me. If it were not for him, I would not be as successful. I believe he gave me the gift of running.

So as this skinny from California, looks back at me, I feel proud of her. I wouldn't want to be anyone else.

You too have a gift, it's up to you to find it and be great at it.

"It's not how far you go, but what happens along the way. Even though you want to give up, you must find the will to finish the race."

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