Monday, June 6, 2011

25 mile run for 6/5. What went wrong

Sunday 6/5, I was scheduled to run 25 miles. It would be the first day of running 49 miles in 3 days. It would also be the start of  a 87 mile running week. Next Saturday on June 11th, I am traveling to Mt.Hood for a 28 mile training run.

A few days ago, I woke to an achy upper back, wasn't too bad, but visible. Well the back never got better and on Saturday, I had the not so brilliant idea to have my husband push on it a little. Well he made it worse and I had to take one of my pain killers. I got these pain killers a few months prior for when I had my sinus infection.

Sunday 6/5 I woke  up ready to run the 25 miles, except for one problem, my back was seriously hurting.I decided to take a pain killer. Well considering about a hour later, it still wasn't any better, I took another.(I could take 1-2 in a 4 hour period of time) Well a little while later considering I felt like I was dying. It hurt to sit, I couldn't lie down, I was miserable. I took a muscle relaxer. Did I mention that I don't always make smart decisions? I decided that I probably shouldn't run, since um I couldn't, but I could walk. So I walked to a neighbors and back home. I then decided that I was going to go for a long walk and see where that got me. I was only carrying my hand held water bottle. Well this got to me to the trail and I even attempted to run a little. Imagine that.

I called my husband and asked if he would do me a huge favor. I asked him to bring me my car with a bunch of Gatorade, my almonds and another pain killer. (Not kidding) He parked the car at the top of the hill and rode his bike back home. I must stop here and change the subject a little. When he and my daughter got back to our house, there were 6 neighbor kids taking pudding and lord knows what else from our garage. My little daughter tried stopping them, but they wouldn't. Not good. So anyway, I re-filled my water bottle and headed towards my favorite hilly trail, did an out and back with no problems. Back was feeling pretty good, not great, not horrible, so I decided to take the other pain killer. (Husband already lectured me,  you don't need to.)

I head out for a different trail and this would get me the out and back that I would need to finish. I was doing just fine, until I hit mile 18.5. I started to feel a bit nauseated and had the feeling things were not going to end well. There you have it, at mile 19, something came up and it wasn't pretty. But hey, I felt better. Having no cell phone reception in the forest and only one way back, it was one foot in front of the other to the car. Well I threw up about 4 other times which includes a really good one at my car. It was nasty!

I lost about 2.5 pounds from this experience. When I woke up on Sunday morning, I was 123.8, when I got back from my run, I was 121.8. I tried to eat that night, but I couldn't keep anything down. So I just went to bed. I however, did eat 2 applesauce cups during the middle of the night. And when I woke up I was down to 121.00. I know that's bad.

I get the fun task of replacing lost calories today. I had a big breakfast this morning, a protein shake and a healthy lunch.

There is a story that I won't have to tell too often, thankfully.

Run for Sunday 6/5 25.11 miles.

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