Sunday, January 23, 2011

New home update

Moving is quite the adventure. It is a ton of work. We loaded up the delivery Uhaul on Thursday. It took all day. We had dry weather, cold, but dry. I can't believe we had so much stuff, we even had to rent a smaller, 2nd delivery trailer. But we did it and we were all exhausted and sore the next day.

It was really emotional between Thursday and Friday saying goodbye to all the people we knew, especially my mom. I think she took it the hardest. Someone brought us doughnuts on Friday morning, the day we were heading south and we said goodbye to them. The last order of business was to clean the house on Friday and load any last minute items. We had to leave our cats behind, a neighbor is taking care of them and it was hard to leave them. Our dog went with my parents. I will be going back to get them as soon as we find a place to rent up here in CA...should be soon.

We are staying with my husbands sister Laura Juden and her husband Brett Juden. They are being very generous. We have our own room and the kids and I am grateful to the Juden's. Their dog is sleeping with them on the bed and they absolutely love that.

We got the Uhaul unloaded within a few hours thanks to Brett J. and his friends. I have gone and lost my jewelery box. It's somewhere in a box in the storage unit....I'll find it someday. For now, I only have 1 pair of earrings, good thing I like them.

I had a talk with Brett J, the day we came down and he told me the story of how they moved up. Laura got a job up here and they had to be down in a week. He said he didn't want to move either. But said that the place just grows on you. He told me also all about the trails that I could run on.

Saturday was an absolutely beautiful day here. It is like we jumped forward to Spring.  Today is a nice day also, but a tad cloudy.

I ran today, I'm taking my resting break this week, so only did 10 and I wore shorts! I couldn't believe it. I also wore a long sleeve shirt and a sleeveless vest, but was a little too warm. I was warned that I should bring my mace because a dog could chase me. Well, a Pomeranian barked at me, but the owner was there. I think I could have handled it. Nice little kick...hee hee!!

The girls are starting school tomorrow at their new school. I'll have to drive them and pick them up as it is 6 miles away. And I hope they make friends soon, that helps moms attitude.

I've met a few people, men, but still. They seem nice. One works at the prison and is also with the Del Norte search and Rescue, which I would like to join. Brett J. said he has flown over the ocean in a helicopter while giving someone CPR. That is interesting.

We still have a lot of work to do ahead of us. Moving to a new home, my husband starting a new job in a new city and state, all while training for a ultra marathon and being at its highest mileage...yup, lots to do.

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