Friday, January 14, 2011

My daughter's Tonsilectomy to cure her Sleep Apnea. Silly pics and video.

Today my daughter Kayla got her tonsils out to hopefully cure her Sleep Apnea as I mentioned in a few blogs ago.

She was very scared when she woke up this morning and on the way to the hospital.

All she could have this morning was water, but was cut off at 7:30AM.

When we arrived at the hospital, I was able to explain to her about the Doernbecher Children’s hospital and how children who are much sicker than she, come there for treatment and how anyone of those children would love to trade places with her and just have to get their tonsils out. She was starting to feel a little better, but still nervous.

In the waiting room, she was able to make a necklace and bracelet, thanks to a generous volunteer group. When we were called back, she was met by a very nice nurse who did a very great job in explaining to Kayla how she was going to take her pulse, temperature and blood pressure. But when it was time to undress into a gown, she was hesitant and I had to do it for her.

When it came time for them to give her what we call "silly juice" she was very reluctant and it took her about 10 minutes for her to take it. She kept asking questions like whats in it, what is it going to do to me and why. They even had to tell her they were going to give it to her through her nose if she didn't drink it. After the silly juice, she was funny. Below are the pictures and video.

She did lose her two front teeth that were loose upon going into surgery, but she is fine with it. She keeps making fun of herself and how she sounds with those two teeth missing. We keep reassuring her that she will start to sound normal again. She is also back to bugging her sister.Naomi says to her “Kayla say something” and Kayla said “something” Plus she is saying she can’t wait to go to bed to test out her sleeping.

She is going to be just fine. I’m glad it’s all over with. Now, I just have to wait for the bill. Hummmmmmmmmmmmm. I think I’m getting a headache with that thought. The bill,oh the bill.

The Video with her on silly juice
 A picture taken in the car on the way to OHSU, I actually got a good tonsil shot.
 Pretty photo of Portland from the OHSU window
Now she has the "silly juice" in her

Can't stop laughing

Hee hee, whats this on my head?

Still laughing

After her surgery, decided it would be fine to smile for the camera and show mom her no teeth. Mom sings, "All I want for Valentine's Day is my two front teeth!"

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