Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Discovering Lucy's

For this past Christmas, my sister in law had me to shop for. When I opened her gift, I discovered all sorts of treasures. I had running shorts, running pants, a running top, a bag and 4 pairs of running socks. They were all purchased at a store called "Lucy" Never until that day had I heard of Lucy’s.

That evening I tried on everything and found out that the pants were just a little bit too tight for my tastes and the top, oh the top. It was really tight, showed off all my belly flaws and it had not only a bra built in, but it was a push up. I looked in to the mirror and said "oh my."

Now let me stop and tell you the kind of runner that I am in case you don’t know. I prefer trails, muddy, muddy trails. I am not the type of runner that goes to the gym with all my makeup on and barely breaks a sweat. Having run 8 ultra marathons and 6 marathons, I believe if it doesn't hurt like hell, than you didn't train hard enough.

So, I decided I better take the two items back to this Lucy's when I get back to Portland.

I looked up Lucy's on the internet and discovered that there was one at the local mall.

I am not a mall shopper either. I prefer to avoid it as much as I possibly can. When my girls become teenagers, I will hire someone to take them. I learned where I should park so I can get to the store quickly upon arrival.

When I arrived at Lucy's at promptly 10 Am, when they opened. I walked right up to the counter and was greeted by the overly friendly and semi snooty employees. I told them that I needed to return the items and the one gal said that I would get a store credit. I said that was fine. She told me how much I had for a store credit and my mouth seriously dropped open.....$124.00 I said, "oh my!" She then wanted me to sign the return receipt and wanted me to give her my address and promised it wasn't for solicitation purposes. I had to refuse her twice. What part of no did she not understand? I wasn't giving her my address. She then got the hint, scribbled something on receipt and looked liked I hurt her feelings. Too bad!! I then asked her about the store and said that I could find something. She went on to ask me, what kind of exercise that I do and I said I was a runner. I then decided to add for shock value to the "perfect" employee that I preferred to run on trails, the muddier the better and she said "Oh, what fun!" Uh huh, right sure she thought that.

I went into the back to try them on. I decided to get a different size and just walked out and got them myself. After a few minutes, Ms. Snoot-ville came to check on me, asked me what size shirt that I wore and then said she was leaving 2 jackets on the bench for me just in case I would like to try them on. I then realized she was paid on commission. I ignored her and then later came out with my items and said that I wanted to just buy them. She then tried to sell me a box of sport wash which I declined cause uh, whats the point? Then she proceeded to tell me how much she herself liked my black shirt, how she has several herself and then gave me a tip on how I can get my clothes to come out really clean, wash inside out. Uh huh, whatever thanks.

I left the store, promising myself to never again return and wanting a shirt that read "I survived Lucy's.

Oh and I only had to pay $2.00 for my own money. Yipee!!


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