Sunday, May 20, 2012

I'm hell bent on reaching my goal

I have 5 weeks until my racing fun begins. The training runs to come are 18, 20, 14 and 22 miles, the shorter is a resting run. June 23rd, I am running the Sunriver Marathon, elevation is at 4,200 feet. It's a flat route on a bike path, but highly elevated. 3 weeks later on 7/14 I am running a 50K trail run. The elevation goes up to over 7,000 feet, I hear I'll be sucking wind. On 7/28, 2 weeks later, I bring things down a bit and run the Mt. Hood 50 miler, total elevation gain is 5,600 feet. After the Mt. Hood 50, I begin fully preparing for my first 100, Javelina at the end of October.

Yesterday, I ran 16 miles on my favorite mountainside. Having the elevation begin at 360 feet is pretty good considering my Garmin is constantly registering my house in the negative. My run yesterday went from 360 feet up to 2967 at my 8 mile turn around. It is one big uphill until I decide to turn around and go back.

I have begun to question if I am doing enough to prepare. Every time I stop to walk on this mountainside, I ask, do I really need a rest? The big black bee that shows up every time I slow down does get me  moving again. Am I training hard enough?

A few things help answer this. I started this training period having come back from a stress fracture that left me torn, physically and emotionally. I've run the Mt. Hood 50 before and when I trained for it last time, I wasn't training on a huge mountainside that I am now conquering. So perhaps, really, I shouldn't be so hard on my self. I am going to be just fine. I'm strong, have over come a lot and I CAN DO ANYTHING!

If you can imagine it, you can achieve it; if you can dream it, you can become it.” William Arthur Ward


  1. Don't know who on my list caused me to see your post about helping your old friend's friend, but what I was interested most in, is your ultra running efforts. Do you know Ralph Hirt or 4square in CC? Anyway, I too am in love with a goal. I am very new, but have a goal to do 50 on my 50th. I overstressed my Achilles and will postpone my 50 mile, but am still focused. You are a gifted motivator. Thanks.

  2. Dear anonymous-I've known Ralph for many years, before we moved to CC in 2011, wonderful man. We go to the 4 square church,live in CC,
    ca. Look for me on Facebook. You can absolutely achieve your goal. And thank you~Jeannie.