Sunday, May 13, 2012

14 mile trail run for Mother's Day 2012

My 14 mile, Mother's day run was up on the mountainside, my new favorite trail. It's extremely hilly, very warm, hard and fun. It's my me time.
It started at an elevation of 360 feet to 2650 feet at the 7 mile turn around.
The run was warm. I was still in protect the knee mode after Friday's fall at Crossfit.  Knee was fine.
Throughout the run, I saw 5 humans, two snakes, almost stepped on both of them, the 2nd one I told it to get out my way. I saw two fat squirrels, tried to give it bites of my sandwich, but when I came back, they didn't take it. I saw two large birds, a lizard that I really almost stepped on and I yelled at it. Plus, I saw a bear!!! So unbelievably awesome. It was the size of my Australian Shepherd and it was running back into the forest. I could hear it running also. I was  just a little nervous about running past where it ran back into the forest, but it was fine. That was the highlight of my run. I didn't want to go home, I love it up there on the mountain. Happiest place on earth. Week ends with 35 miles, a 9 % increase.

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