Saturday, July 9, 2011

26+ mile training run for July 9th

For today's run, I was scheduled to run 26 miles. It is my last long run until I run the Mt. Hood 50.

Post run, I am walking around like my feet hurt, have rejected a dinner invitation and am nibbling on leftover cheesy rice.

So how did the run go? Way better than last week! I skipped my 10 mile training run yesterday so that I could be more refreshed, likely helped. I first ran 8.44 miles on the road, then 18.40 on the trails with my new Brooks Cascadia. They had about a hour of break in time yesterday. They are the best.

So for today's run highlights:
I got about 10 feet away from a group of Elk on the side of the road, only one was brave enough and didn't run off. I was nervous though.
A dead raccoon scared me.
I had to use the restroom twice. The second time was in the woods and oops, I went on my leg. I know, so gross!
I did three different trails. The first had rolling hills and I stayed on it the most. The 2nd is super steep. I meant to go a mile on it, but heard a dog barking and got spooked, so I was only on it for 1 1/2 miles. The 3rd is my normal hilly route and I was on it for 2 miles.
The last highlight is that I have no marks on my back to share with all of you. I put 4 big band-aids on and since someone told me to wear my sports bra inside out, I did. Oh and I also put on not only Body Glide, but my deodorant/antiperspirant.

26.84 miles in 5:51.

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