Monday, August 30, 2010

The Rainbow

Up on the hill, there is a beautiful oak tree. The tree sits alone. It's branches are plentiful and provides shade.

Everyday a little girl goes to the tree with her daddy, hand and hand. The two walk to the top of the hill and sit, laugh, lay back and look up at the sky. She can feel the wonderful warmth of the sun on her face and a warm breeze. She giggles as she watches the clouds above form into funny creatures. She is so happy. She truly loves her daddy. He is everything to her. She snuggles up to him and feels absolutely comfortable with him. She says "Daddy, I love you so very much." Her sweet innocent face changes a little as she sees the rainbow again. She remembers what her daddy has told her before. She starts to whimper a little and sits up and looks at her daddy whom she loves dearly and says "Daddy, a rainbow! How much longer till you have to go?" and he says "I'm afraid it won't be much longer, but just remember I will always be looking down at you from above and I will love you now and forever. Come back to the oak tree, think of me and know that every time you see the rainbow, I am communicating my love to you."..........

The little girl is now a grown woman and while she has not been back to the beautiful Oak tree since she was a child, she now returns in remembrance of her beloved father that she lost so many years ago. She lies down and looks up at the sky and sees a rainbow and she feels warm all over and very much loved.

She smiles and giggles.

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