Saturday, August 7, 2010

24 mile run for 8/7/2010

Today I headed out for my last super long run before race day.
I wanted to take it as easy as possible. Because my last weeks run of 27 left me very tired and I had some left upper foot pain/swelling throughout the week. By yesterday, it was still tender, but it never hurt while running.
I also decided that I was going to carry 2.5 qts of water on my back and not go back to the car to re-fill.
I parked near the Lower Macleay Park and ran up to Leif Erickson. Really not a whole lot happened. I did not turn on my IPOD almost the entire run. What did happen was at mile 10.5 on Leif, you know at the other end? This man stops me to ask how he can get to the zoo. This spooked me as why would anyone want to walk 19-20 miles to the zoo? He even tried taking out his map to show me and says "I don't even know where the zoo is on this" Well I didn't trust him, tried to politely explain it to him, but gave it up as he was acting funny and just left. I ran past him, but my turnaround was shortly up ahead, so I used the Honey Bucket, called my husband to let him know about the man and where I was at and told him that I would call him back after I passed him again. I saw a female walker and asked if she talked to him and if it spooked her and she said yes. When I saw him and was about to approach him, I dialed my house and talked to Brett as I ran past him fairly quickly. Strange.
The rest of the run, I dealt with my Achilles Tendon flair up, sore foot, sore legs, bad attitude, walking more than normal. I put my Ipod on at the final 2.5 and it helped, but everything still hurt.
Makes me wonder if running 27 one weekend and 24 the next, may be a lot for myself.
But it's taper time, things are slowing down..

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