Saturday, August 21, 2010

31 miles 8/21/2010

Not sure if there is a whole lot to say about today's race. I got there at 7AM, about as nervous as can be. But immediately felt better when I saw my two very good running friends, Mike and Bruce and a new friend Nathan.
When the race started, I was surprised that it was already 8AM and yes, the heart was beating. We started out running through a field to get to the trail, did the 3 miles or so out and back on a gravel road that was uphill both ways and just about everyone passed me. But, after the gravel I caught up with them shortly. Got to the first aid station fine, then the next and before you knew I had completed a loop and wasn't in my bad mood that I experienced in February. I think having absolutely zero mud to run through really helped. The second loop was pretty much the same, except I stuck with my new friend Caroline Kobin the whole entire run. I have found someone that runs my pace. Yipee!!! We chit chatted the last several miles it was really nice.
I tried really hard to not let Mike and Bruce catch up with me and I was in front of them the whole entire way, but they caught up with me and passed. I blame it on my foot cramp and leg cramp that kept me at a steady pace. But they are awesome, they just ran their first Ultra.
I swore to everyone that I was never running again, but we all know the truth and I am thinking about possibly competing in the Autumn Leaves 50 miler at the end of October. Well if Mike and Bruce are going to do it........
Total time, a PR at Hagg Lake 6:18:05

Oh and I want to thank all the volunteers at the race, including my husband and daughters and the very hard working race director, Fuzz.

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