Thursday, July 29, 2010

My birth stories

There is not a mother in this world that believes her birth story is unique and special. And this is true. As a previous Doula, all births are indeed unique.

I think however both of mine tell a story.I'll start with my 2nd daughter, my last delivery.

When I delivered Kayla, my water broke at about 11 Pm and to the hospital I went. When I got there, I immediately told the nurses that I wanted an epidural as soon as I could. I remember how horrible those contractions were from my first birth.They told me that I could have one as soon as I was so many centimeters dilated. They checked me right away and I was already dilated enough to have an epidural. Kayla was coming fast. They discovered that she had also gone from a normal birthing position to breech in just 2 days. I remember the little bugger turning. They said they would perform a c-section, fine by me. But, waiting for the surgeon was not a fun experience. I had to try as hard as I could to prevent from pushing. Strange I know, but I tried hard to keep her in. They wheeled me to the surgical room and the surgeon says he can actually have me deliver her naturally. I declined. What was I thinking? So he started cutting away and hey look, what is that on the ceiling? Seriously, I could see the whole c-section being performed through a light on the ceiling. Oh goody and yes I watched. Well to make things probably more dramatic than they really were, the doctor and the nurses got on the table and were trying to grab that kid out of me, they were tugging so hard, she was just way to far into me, wanting to go out the other way. I lost a lot of blood with them doing that. But, she came out and then I started feeling very dizzy and announced that I felt like I was floating. Now this part is what Brett told me next, he said that the doctor and nurses, my midwife all looked at each other like "Oh shit" and immediately began fixing the problem....and than I was fine.

How was my first born? She was born the exact same minute as the 6.8 that we had on 2-28-2001.
Immediately after I pushed her out and she was handed to me, the earth started shaking. I didn't think anything of it. I just thought the bed was shaking, until someone yelled earthquake! I held onto my daughter a little tighter and prayed it would stop and that nothing would fall on us. I have the newspaper and her birth records to prove it. In fact, she loves to sit in the earthquake toy at OMSI as it is a replica of that earthquake on that day. She is very unique.

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