Saturday, July 24, 2010

22 mile run for 7/24/10

Not sure if there is much to say about my 22 mile run.
I ran solo. No friend, no IPOD, do dog. Great mental training.
Started at the Lower Macleay trail. I did an 2 mile out and back on the road, then ran up towards Leif and turned around after 4 miles, did my remaining on Wildwood via the Macleay entrance.
About mile 16, it turned agonizing, everything hurt. But, mostly my Achilles Tendon, my ankle and my insides (pelvic area). I'd have to say that on a scale of 1-10, it was an 8. I kept making fists, wanted to pick up a rock and squeeze it or a stick, but did not. I was not in the mood to say hello to anyone and I rarely looked at anyone. I walked up the hills after maybe 18. I did practice throughout the whole run, walking every 6 miles for 3 minutes. It helped and was refreshing. I also, did not load up my water pack super full, but re-filled after running Leif. That was helpful.
Now, it hurts my insides to get up and start walking and my ankle hurts only a little.
Running time 4:50. Another hard one.

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