Saturday, July 10, 2010

20 mile run July 10, 2010

During every training period there is always at least one run that tests me. The question, "are you seriously going to be a big baby and quit" always comes up. Today, was that run.
I was schedule to run 20 miles. I got a late start, 9:17 AM because I wanted to say goodbye to my daughter, who was leaving for camp.
My plan was normal. I would do a 2 mile out and back on the streets as a warm up, head up Wildwood via Lower Macleay and finish off on Leif. Sometimes I switch and do the Leif run first, but I always find the ending the same, ummm ouch!
As soon as I got to the parking area of Lower Macleay, every spot was taken, no parking. So I had to park off of Thurman, but near the bridge. There was a race taken place there, Race for the Animals.
I messed up and only did 1 mile out and back and didn't realize it till I was at the stone house. Which, by then, I passed a whole lot of runners and my face was dripping with sweat. Hot day. I also quickly learned my mistake, one that I always do and don't know how to get pass...too much water. Today I was carrying 3 qts. on my back, a back that has been sore for days because of the one night that I slept on it. (That's a no no, need to sleep on my side) Because of this weighted water that I refused to dump out, I could feel a soreness in my calves already at mile 5. But, the run went smoothly up to Nature trail or my mile 7 and I sipped my water here and there. At the Nature trail, I chose to sit down and grab my first 1/2 of PBJ sandwich, quickly realized the mosquito's wanted to eat me and got up and headed down towards No Mans Land. (If your asking what that is, please ask me, I will be glad to tell you.) I only went a 1/2 mile in and turned around, thankful I was turning around. Back up to Nature trail.
The rest of my time in Wildwood was pleasant. I kept thinking about other things to keep my mind off running. Plus, since I know exactly the mileage between certain spots...between Nature trail and that Mowark trail (sp?) between 53rd drive and Dogwood...dogwood to Wildcherry...Wildcherry to Birch...Birch to the park. Very entertaining.
Well, by the time I got to the park, I was thinking, okay no more, all done. Yeah whatever. I went to the bathroom, tried to splash water on my face, but the sink only allowed so much water to come out. What the? My eyes were burning. I sat down, grabbed my other 1/2 of my sandwich, did an out and back 1 mile, headed up the huge stairs of the bridge, which burned my legs and up and up and up to Leif. I found myself at this point and I do believe once on Wildwood, just stopping, for no reason and that voice in my head would ask "what are you doing, get going!" always entered. I hate that BITCH!!!! I found that I did the same thing a few other times on the trail and the evil twit entered my head again. If you know Leif, you know it's hilly and for along time, until you turn back. I eventually got to my turn around and realized oh yeah, going down, awwhhh this is nice. I got out of Leif and about 2 minutes later, my cell phone beeps. I think, Oh God it's a showing. (Selling our house) Oh, please don't be a showing, I just want to go home. Nope, not a showing. But it's my husband and he writes "at the pool" and so I did what any loving wife would do after running 20 miles. I replied back...."ass!"
I'll ask for forgiveness later.


  1. hey...I recognize some of those names....does any of this look familiar?

  2. Of course, I know Wildwood like it is my own backyard. I tell others that I could run it blindfolded.
    Thanks for posting Dave.