Monday, May 3, 2010

Swim and fast challenge news

Today I swam 50 laps or 1.42 miles in the pool. It was my 3rd time lap swimming this year and the furthest that I have ever gone. I looked cute in my pink swimming cap and wore a different pair of goggles. The others were way too tight, leaving my eyes looking bruised.
I don't think I am a fast swimmer, but it's easy for me. The runner part of me helps with the endurance, I have not been tiring easily. I practiced breathing on both sides, I normally do my left, but I was practicing with my right as well, wasn't easy at first, but I go the hang of it. I think 50 laps was enough for today.
I sat in the hot tub after my swim and felt good, tired but good. I look forward to my swim on Thursday.
My no sugar fast has 1 more week. I am on my 3rd week of not eating sugar. I don't think I will be starting up my old habits, but keep the new. I feel better without consuming a lot of sugar. I feel more energized. Sugar is in everything, except for the homemade items and Stevia is a blessing. Of course there really is nothing wrong with enjoying a dessert once in awhile...

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