Thursday, April 29, 2010


A couple of weeks ago, I injured my right hamstring muscle during a 10 mile run, hurt at mile 7, had to walk back to the house limping on my injury for 3 miles. It has been getting better and I have been taking things slowly to get my running mileage up again. I ran 2 miles on Tuesday and 3 miles on Wednesday. All with no pain felt. Of course I had to give up the idea of running my beloved Forest Park 50K in May.
Since I haven't been running much, I have decided to go lap swimming at the local pool. Keep in mind that I have not been lap swimming since last July and back then, I only swam 10 laps.
Well Monday, I swam 20 laps or 1/2 mile. I took a break after the 2nd lap to get some water as I forgot my water bottle at home, and I didn't take a break untill after the 12th lap for more water. I stopped here and there at the wall for a few moments, but would keep swimming until I reached 20 laps. I knew that I could have kept going, but didn't want to push it. After all my left ankle was becoming a little sore and since I have a runners mentality, heaven forbid I do anything to injure a much need running part. I stopped and headed for the hot tub. I did feel a little sore that night and the next day, but not too bad. Oh and it took me 40 minuets to complete the 20 laps.
Today, Thursday, I excitedly headed up to the pool again. This time I wanted to do at least the 20 laps. I brought my water bottle that time and took a big drink before getting in. I swam 13 laps without stopping, told myself to get my butt out of the water for a water break, did so, got back in but got out of the fast lane as the speedo wearing man in the lane with me was way faster than I was and went into the medium lane. I told myself that I could have another water break after going another 10 (25 laps, see how I increased it) well the 25 laps came and went and I decided this was getting easier and easier, so I went another 5 (30 laps) and forced myself out of the pool. This all took about 45 minutes.
Pretty good! Swimming may just be as fulfilling as running.

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