Friday, April 9, 2010

Forest Park Ultra Marathon

It's the 30 mile trail that I have ran all of. It's the trail that I have told wild stories to my children, claiming to have seen trail warriors and they've chase me with sticks. It's the unforgiving trail of blood, sweat and tears. You step wrong, you fall. It is the trail of many many miles ran. It's the trail that I yelled out at the end of my last ultra "this is my playground" It's Wildwood!!!
So, in all seriousness. I am thinking about running the Forest Park Ultra Marathon for the 3rd time. It is my playground after all.
The first time, some jokesters thought that it was funny to move the directional markers on the course and lots of people got lost. It also had rained 1 inch while I was running it and it was a mud pit. The 2nd time around, I trained there every weekend with my map on hand. I knew where I was headed at the start of the race, I didn't get lost and had a wonderful time. Well I did badly cramp up at the end, got distracted by a little boy, bit it on rocks, cramped up even more, yelled out "help me, help me" a man helped me up, I grabbed onto a nearby fence, started walking, then jogging, followed by sprinting to the finish line. I love oil line rd, steep incline with a huggable or hold on to me tree at the end just to make it off of it.

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