Monday, April 12, 2010

Day 1 of The Mattos Fast Challenge

I am giving up sugar for 30 days on a challenge. I am hoping to restore my energy levels. I am going to do my best as sugar is in everything and that is scary! High fructose corn syrup is even in Costco's bagels. HFCS is even in hamburger buns, think I'll just make my own. Sugar is everywhere! No wonder why the USA has the highest amount of overweight people. I did find a tortilla that is made without sugar and I was happy. I made a brand new homemade coffee creamer yesterday and later realized that I can't have it with my morning coffee, I made it with 2 cups of sugar. The yogurt that I buy has 34 grams of sugar (that's 5.5 tablespoons), a can of Shasta soda has 38 grams (6 tablespoons). Wow! Ummm isn't yogurt supposed to be good for you? I replaced that with plain yogurt, put some berries in it and sprinkled it with Stevia. I also bought a lot of fresh fruits/veggies. Fruit is a great natural sweetener.

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