Saturday, August 20, 2011

My secluded running trail

There is a trail in the Redwood Forest that I was introduced to by Mr. R. Hirt, a 74 year old Ultra Marathon runner. He has ran the Western States 100 several times and still participates in 100's, 50's, 50K's.

When I run on this trail, I rarely see anyone. I think I have seen less than 10 people since we moved to town January of 1011. Most of them were on horses. For any locals reading this, I just gave you a clue to where I like to run. For safety reasons,  I don't like to publicly announce where I run.

Another trail hooks on to this trail and that is a trail where all the tourist go, it's a drivable trail. The trees are of course pretty. The tourist also like to go to a overly populated trail known as the boy scout trail. I find it boring, even as a hike. I find the trees on my deserted trail much prettier and I like the secluded part of my trail, makes it more mysterious. I even like the initial huge hill, lucky for me, it's getting easier.  I wish people would research more when they decide to come up to the Redwoods. I wish people could see what I've seen. Even hiking with my family, they just don't go far enough.

Today, I even noticed a tree that I have gone by many times. I mean, I really noticed and it is extremely huge, it's width and height. I wish others could see it. It's a shame. Really.

I have even noticed that people who drive on the drivable trail, drive too fast, even when they appear to go slow. You really appreciate beauty more when it's done with repetition and patience.

I don't make a habit of carrying a camera with me while I run, but have seen these "special and hidden" trees many times.  Most of the trees that I have photographed have been while hiking.

I drove by this tree numerous of times, until the day that I ran by and saw someone peeking inside of it. You can actually walk inside the tree. The view is really neat and I wonder how many other hollow trees are in the forest that nobody knows about?

I've driven and ran by this stump numerous of times before realizing you can walk to the top of it.

 Perhaps I should carry a camera.

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  1. Oh man! I wanna run here! I am really trying hard to slow down and enjoy the things around me when I run, but too often I am crunched for time and just trying to get my miles in so that i can get on to the next thing.