Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Running with dogs

I took my dog out for a run for the first time in my new town. I was a little nervous about encountering Lucky, the husky or the 3 legged dog. I decided that it would probably be best if I avoided the street that the two live on. So we went a different way. Unfortunately we encountered a different dog. It was big and it looked like a wolf. Of course it came over. So I stopped and let it smell my dog and I pet it, it was friendly. I told it to go home, but it didn't. So I said "well come on than!" So it followed us down the road and when we were crossing the street, I yelled at it to go home and it didn't. It followed me a ways more, when I really yelled at it and ran at it a little. The dog was a good 1/2 mile away from its home. It left, but only jumped into someone else's yard.

I think I might become known as the running dog lady. I can see it now; I'll have a large group of dogs following us down the street on my daily run. That will be a funny sight!

I also took Boogie to the Veterinarian for his check up and Rabies vaccination. The doctor gave him a clean bill of health. But he did agree with me that Boogie was a little overweight. I was anxious to get him on the scale to see how overweight he was and it ended up being 6.5 pounds since his last visit. Notice I didn't blame my mother? I'm thinking it! She gave him cheese filled dog treats and canned gravy dog food. When she knew I was irritated by her choice of treats, she gave him more. She is the only one that thinks he was chubby before, she’s in complete denial. Its okay, he is now training with me. His doctor thinks it is wonderful for him to run with me and I even mentioned what kind of runner that I am and that he has ran 24 miles before. He knows that my type of dog has high energy and needs a lot of exercise.

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