Saturday, November 13, 2010

The dog

So I am doing something I don't normally do, writing in my blog while still having my morning coffee. This should be interesting. Luckily because of spell checker, everything should be spelled right.

My whole family has a cough and we've had it forever. With Delsym at $9.00 + per bottle, this cough is turning out to be very expensive.

I woke up last night with a coughing fit, took some more Delsym even though it wasn't time yet and grabbed a cough drop and went to bed.

At this point, really that's all that's wrong with me. Well I am really tired.

I want to go up to Wildwood today and run hills.

Last month I took a self defense class and the deputy Shane scared me a little so I've been hesitant to go up to the forest alone. Combined with the fact that it's been 2 weeks since running my 50, I've made the decision to bring my dog. It's been awhile since we've ran together, so it will keep my miles low. No more than 10.

The dog has ran 24 miles with me and he is extremely hyper, I'm sure he will love it. It's always an adventure when you run with your dog. Not sure how good he is at protecting me. He at times will be hesitant to run by someone, he senses something about the scary man, but hello I have to walk by the scary man and grab the dog by the scary man again! He loves to stop and pee on everything. I once counted that in a 10 min period of time, it was 6 times! He doesn't need a leash, but with the "park rules" I will at least bring one. His good qualities? The dog can run 24 miles and he normally stays right behind me.

We'll focus on hills and maybe just have some fun.

I ran 10 yesterday, why push it?

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