Sunday, January 29, 2012

How is training going? You might be surprised. Not what you expected to hear.

After I ran my 3rd 50 back in October, I got overly excited about training for my first 100 and over did it. One problem after another begun to surface. I had been planning on 3 different ultra's between January and March-a 50K, 65 miles and a 40 mile race  After experiencing my final injury, one that was not going away, I made the  decision to quit running altogether. A bold move, one that hurt me on the inside to make, considering that I LOVE to run. My last run was January 8th, a 8 mile run. I have not run since and will not run until 2/19. When I do start running, I will start near the bottom of a training schedule and train for the Mt. Hood 50. The other change is that I am not going to follow my normal Santa Clarita training guide, but one that really follows the no more than a 10% jump in training rule. This will help to prevent any injuries. Javelina, my first 100 is extremely important to me and I want to show up at the starting line as healthy as possible. In the mean time, I've been swimming. My furthest swimming distance has been 2.27 and I have a goal of 3 miles, one that I will achieve. All of my injuries are healing up and going away and I have started walking again, but still no running for the next couple of weeks. Yes, it's horrible, but proving to be beneficial. I have signed up for the Mt. Hood 50, 7/28 and am considering a 50K in Portland, 5/28 and I will be signing up for Javelina in February. As luck has it, my husband will be going with me to Javelina to watch me finish my first 100. I've been asking for a lot of advice regarding running from experienced runners and that has also been paying off. I would also like to mention why I switched from making Rio Del Lago to Javelina as my first 100. I spoke to a few runners that have run both. I had some concerns about Rio and Javelina seemed like it fit my personality better, my strengths, my weaknesses. I need to be around people, I like the idea of the moon providing light, I like the idea of a party atmosphere. This is going to be an interesting year, I'm looking forward to training again and turning goals into reality.
Happy running~

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  1. I hear you on the 10% rule. After I trashed my ankle in December I was eager to get back. I did an easy 1/2 and 26 total miles last week. This week I did 30, and will keep creeping up until I am over 40 again. I sooo wanted to go longer than 10 today and felt good, but I said no and turned around at the 5 mile turnaround point.

    Todd B