Tuesday, April 5, 2011

My fat dog and I say this ashamed.

Look at that face

I'm a lover, not a fighter.

Fat, me! Not in this picture anyway. He's chasing some dog at the dog park in Oregon

I totally blamed my mother for making my dog overweight. When we moved from one state to another, I had to leave him in her care for a month. When I went to go pick him up I said, "what in the world did you do to my dog?" He was fat!

I blamed the cheesy hot dogs she was feeding him for a treat and the unhealthy can of dog food. I also think when she knew I was irritated with her, she gave him more than just the one dog treat she swore she was giving him.

As, I stayed at her house for about 4 days, he started to look skinnier to me and the thought went into my head, maybe he really was overweight this whole time, even before I took him to my parents. Maybe I just got so used to seeing him, he didn't appear to be overweight. I hate to admit it, he wasn't that active prior to moving. I wasn't running with him and it was always a struggle to get someone to take him for a walk.

Well when I brought him to his new home, I took him to the vet and he weighed in at 55.5 lbs, that's 6.5 lbs heavier than the last time he was at the vet. We started running together and he was running a lot. We were up to 40 miles a week prior to my hamstring injury. I thought he was losing weight and I couldn't understand why my husbands Grandfather was still making fun of him, calling him fat and I got upset. You know, "don't call my dog fat!"

I just took him into the vet to get weighed and I am not kidding, he is the exact same weight and the lady said he could lose some weight. She asked me what I was feeding him and I said 1/2 can of Costco's wet food + 1 3/4- 2 cups dry. She said to reduce it to 2 cups dry and 1-2 tbsp wet.

Uggggghhhhhh!!!!!!! I guess love really is blind.
I don't get it, doesn't look fat to me.

I think it is just his fur.

You know what they say, well at least I do, only dogs in America are fat.

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