Thursday, October 7, 2010


With my first 50 mile run coming up in about 3 weeks. Yikes!! I thought I would write about my training.
It is still going well. If you read my previous blog post, you would have read that I ran a marathon last weekend. As of tomorrow, Friday I will have put in a 58 mile week with a mile of swimming. This weekend on Sunday, same day as the Portland Marathon, I am running another marathon. I will be in the forest somewhere, not joining the other marathoners. It is going to be a wet one. Tons of rain, a little unusual for the Portland Marathon. And, because the kids don't have to school next week for 3 days, I am combining runs. So a marathon or so on Sunday, 8 on Monday, 14 on Tuesday, break Wednesday and Thursday, then run 10 on Friday, break Saturday. I am then tapering.
No worries, I have Sudafed this time. Last time that I tapered, I had a headache for about 4 or 5 days.
I feel good, no injuries. I am pretty tired however. I could use more sleep. Sometimes I think I should just leave my running clothes on all day. But no complaints. I have been enjoying running. This may sound a bit strange to some. But I swear that I am more obsessed with running now more than ever. I used to think, "oh, I don't really want to go out." But now I can't wait. I am already planning my next races. And, I do have a 100 mile training schedule on my computer.
My ultra starts at 6AM for me and I better be on my last lap by 4PM or they won't let me go around the loop again. So, as long as I keep up a 10-12 min pace, I will be fine.
I am having jitters about the run. You know, fear of the unknown. I know that I can run 31 miles, but the rest?
I keep thinking positive. I can do this. I'll finish that 50 mile run.
Oh and I have given up sugar. It made me feel great the last time I did so, more energized. So no sugar is allowed in my diet. I'm eating a lot of fruit now.

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