Wednesday, September 15, 2010

My opinion on the cold and flu season

You know with the cold and flu season about to hit us, you better send your kids outside now while you can cause you know they are just going to get sick from being outside.

Just kidding!!!!

That is one of my favorite cold and flu myths. You can't get sick from going outside in the cold and you can't get sick if your hair is wet and you can't get sick if your clothes are wet.
This has got to be one of the silliest myths that I have ever heard. If it were true, I'd have a cold or flu all year long. Do you have any idea how many times I go outside to run and it's raining and it's freezing and my insides have just about frozen over and I rarely get sick. Well some may say, yes but your a very healthy person. True. But, it's still a myth, read the facts.

Kids get sick from poor nutrition and being around others who are sick. When my kids get sick, I let them go outside if they choose, I let them run around and play. It's good for them. I won't let them play with others however.

There was this girl who was supposed to be on our soccer team, but she never showed up for church reasons, which is fine. But when she called my husband to announce that they were calling it quits. She mentioned that the rainy season is approaching us and said they heard it was going to be a wet one. I told him, well it is a good thing you didn't send her to me to talk to her about that one. Since when was sending your kid outside in the rain a bad thing? It only sucks for the first 5 minutes, but after that it actually feels refreshing. I like the rain and your kids are not going to get sick if they get wet.

Oh and please don't send poor little Susie outside with 14 layers of clothes on when it's 32 degrees outside. You'll give her heat stroke! You will not believe how many times I have witnessed parents over dressing their children. The poor kid can't walk with so many layers on, they walk like Penguins, their cheeks are bright read and they complain of being so hot. I even said "why don't you take something off?" and they said "my mom won't let me!"

Really? Poor thing, bless your heart.

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