Thursday, June 24, 2010

How is training going?

I haven't been writing about my training, mostly because not much is going on.
I am training for my 6th, 31 mile race scheduled for August 21st at Hagg Lake, Forest grove, OR. It will be my 3rd race up there. This one is a little different as it isn't going to be a very big race as far as participants and it will be hot.
I am running 18 miles this weekend and am doing it solo. Last weekend, I ran 16 miles with a friend and I had gone from running 12 the prior weekend to 16. It was done with ease, but I could feel the pull in my legs. It was a nice run however, on the trails, my favorite spot to run.
Today, was the first day of heat training. I started at 5:11 PM and it was 79 outside. Not to bad. Where I live, Oregon, it's having difficulty accepting that it's supposed to be warm. But, we get what we get, right? The run was good, I didn't feel overly hot, but did kind of get the hot weather chills hear or there and I could tell my breathing was a little heavier. I also got a heat rash on my arms and my face was read when I went into my bathroom. I only came in 1 min slower compared to when I ran in the morning earlier in the week. I did bring a lot of water and sipped it throughout, drinking the whole thing by the time I got home.
Swimming is going good. I have got up to swimming around 2.65 miles and I felt like that was a lot. Earlier in the week, I swam 2.05 miles and I felt done, just finished and felt complete. Tomorrow, I am going to swim 1.42 miles I believe. I feel good in the pool, it comes easier for me then running and I really enjoy it. I normally swim one long swim 2.00 miles or above and a shorter swim at about 1.50 miles. Plus they replace 2 of my runs during the week. The kids are out of school now, so I am not sure how this is going to affect my swimming, they are too young to leave at home. I can go swimming at night, but doesn't appear, they will let me stay in for 2 hours to get my 2+ miles in. So, I'll cut back till the girls are in school again and then rebuild.
That's it for now.~

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