Friday, May 20, 2011

Friday's song of the week with video and autobiography. My choice might surprise you.

I'm never going to admit that I like Marilyn Manson. He's a total freak and a bad influence on everyone. But, I'm afraid, he gets the song(s) of the week. I've been putting off making him the song(s) choice for a few months now. So lets just get this over with. In order of the songs that I have grown to like. The first is Sweet Dreams. This was the first song of his that I liked. I heard the version when I was in my early 20's on a movie and it took me awhile to figure out who sang the unusual, scary version. The 2nd song that I grew to like is The Beautiful People. It's scary, it's horrible, but it grew on me. Lastly, it's uh, wait I have to look  up the name...oh, Doll-Dagga Buzz-Buzz Ziggety-Zag.

So what is going on with the naive Christian girl from a small coastal town, choosing Mr. Manson songs as the Friday song of the week? Well..... You know, I listen to all three songs when I'm in a bitchy mood and it really calms me down. When I'm running and one comes on, I say "oh"

Marilyn Manson, the bad boy of Rock. Here is a little something about Mr. Manson that I bet the majority of people don't know about. His birth name is Brian Hugh Warner. He was born January 5, 1969. His stage name was formed from juxtaposing the names of Marilyn Monroe and Charles Manson. He was born in Canton Ohio. His grandfather's sexual fetishes influenced him and unfortunately, his childhood looks like an episode of Law and Order, SVU. He was molested several times by a neighbor. He attended his mother's Episcopalian. He then attended a Christian school from first grade to tenth grade. He then to a high school in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. He graduated in 1987, and went to college at a community school in 1990, going for a degree in journalism. He gained experience by writing music articles for a South Florida magazine.
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By the way, I can't watch these videos, too scary. I'd have nightmares for a week!

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