Wednesday, March 2, 2011


I hate spiders. I'm a major Arachnophobic and have always been. I remember once when I was camping and the camp leaders told us girls to not turn on our flashlights because they were going to tell us a story. Well I felt something crawling on me and after I brushed it off, I turned on the flashlight to see a Daddy Long Leg on my leg.
When we lived in Hillsboro, there were 2 huge spiders in our house. They were big enough to be Trantulas. The first one that we discovered was in our living room and I jumped on the counter. Brett save the day and took it out to the field.
Another time, I came out to the living room, saw my daughter standing up with a spider on her chest and guess who had to be brave enough to get it off of her? Not me....just kidding, but I grabbed something large of course to swat it off.
And I was never hesitant to call the neighbor boy over to capture a spider for me.
Even though, I hate spiders, there are a few that I've let live. Normally they live outside my bedroom window, but outside.
Well this big guy, pictured above, lived in our bathroom window seal. It must have been there for a good year before we moved. We would try to move him, but he'd quickly hide. I was lucky to get the picture of him before we moved and noticed what a mess it made.
Nasty critter!!!

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