Thursday, February 24, 2011

Pre-teen drama

My older daughter has become very good friends with this boy named Seth. I've met him and he seems to be very "into" my daughter. I've caught them giggling on several occasions and he has even gone as far as asking me for my phone #. (To call Naomi of course).

Well lately, she has become concerned about her friendship. She has told me that he is gross and that if she keeps up the friendship, than other people will not like her and that others are already starting to not like her. I told her that if she likes him, than she should stay friends with him and not worry about what other people think. I told her having friends that make you laugh should be cherished. I then asked her to list the friends that she has that don't care that she is friends with Seth. She started naming kids and listed 16! Wow. That sure sounds like everyone is starting to not like her! I also told her the story of what happened to me when I was in Jr. High. There was this very popular girl that I had in a class. Her name was Tara. I would often sit in the class and was quiet. I remember hearing her say loudly that she likes people who are quiet and know how to keep their mouth shut. Well after that I started to sit by her and we really didn't have anything in common or anything to talk about.  I also remember one incident where she became visibly upset when I was nice to someone who was not popular. I realized she was clearly someone I really didn't want to be friends with, so, I moved away from her.

As far as my younger daughter goes, she told me that her friend told her that the pizza she brought from home looked gross and so she never ate it at lunch. She knew it wasn't gross as it was leftovers from our dinner last night. She also said that today was the worst day ever! She almost ate celery and added "blah!"

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