Monday, June 14, 2010

The Story of Ferdinand

The story of Ferdinand is a wonderful story that I just read to my children.

It is a story written over 50 years ago. It tells the story of a Ferdinand, a bull that prefers peace and is content with sitting under a cork tree while all the other bulls prefer jumping around and butting heads with the other bulls. As Ferdinand grows, 5 men come from Madrid to find the "biggest, fastest and roughest" bull for bullfighting. They mistakenly choose Ferdinand because he was stung by a bee and it caused him to appear big, rough and fierce. But as he is placed in the arena in a stadium full of viewers, he does what he does best, he sits and he smells the flowers in the ladies hair. They try to make him mad, but it doesn't work and they take him home to sit under the cork tree.

It is a happy and very peaceful story. It speaks to the readers heart.

It is a wonderful blessing to discover someone who is content and at peace. I do know a few and I cherish them. It is wonderful to sit and visit them.

I wish we could all have the temperament of Ferdinand the bull.

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