Saturday, April 9, 2011

2 stories of compassion

I was at the skating rink with my daughter today and as I was watching  her skate from the side, a little girl and her sister skated over to me. The big sister was helping the younger one skate. The older sister skates away and the younger girl pops her head up at me and asks me if I will help her skate. She must have been 4. I told her that she should probably have her momma help her and that is when she said that her mom is in jail. How could I say no? So I helped her for a little while and then saw her sister who looked a little concerned so I gave the child back to her.

The second story comes from someone that I knew in high school. He wrote that he was driving when he noticed an elderly man that was down on the sidewalk, he couldn't reach his cane, so he couldn't get up. He pulled over and helped the man up. The elderly man mentioned that he had been down 10 minutes before anyone came to help him.

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